Cotroceni consultations: Iohannis congratulated the coalition. PSD refused to attend. Florin Citu, the PM-designate

President Klaus Iohannis congratulated the leaders of PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR for establishing a ruling coalition during the second round of consultations at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday.

“Congratulations for the coalition, for the speed you managed to promote the actions in Parliament. I admit it is the first time when I see an established parliament and with leaders voted in one day”, Iohannis stated.

“The PNL-USR/PLUS-UDMR  has already proved its majority in Parliament and today the leaders of the parties came together and proposed a candidate for the PM position. I decided to designate Florin Citu as prime minister”, said President Iohannis.

Although they were scheduled at different hours, the PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR leaders entered together at the discussions with the head of state. At the beginning, Ludovic Orban, PNL chairman, gave the coalition agreement to President Iohannis.

“We presented our agreement and our common desire to work for Romania’s benefit”, said Orban.

As initially agreed, PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR proposed Florin Citu as PM.

On the other hand, PSD should have been the first party to talk to the President, but the Social Democrats declined the invitation, announcing they are entering a total Opposition.

PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu wrote a letter to President Iohannis, informing him about their refusal to attend consultations, arguing that these talks “are only faking the principle of consultation”. The SocDem leader also said that “what is happening at Cotroceni Palace is an offending masquerade against democracy, an act of defiance against the citizens who voted in the parliamentary elections”.

“The Social Democratic Party refuses to take part in this simulacrum (…) We’ll exercise a determine opposition within the Romanian Parliament”, Ciolacu said.

As for AUR, its leaders attended the talks at Cotroceni, yet announcing they will not vote Citu Government. “We are attending the consultations only from the institutional point of view. We are disappointed by the way consultations are being simulated. Our position is the same: we’ll not vote for Citu Government”, said AUR chair George Simion, asking for the schools’ re-opening.

Florin Cîţu, the new ruling coalition’s proposal for the PM seat, said after the consultations that he had told the President he is ready to assume the governance and that the first government sitting is scheduled on Wednesday evening after the vote in Parliament.

“We proposed the President that we work in partnership, for Romania will need reforms,” said USR-PLUS co-chair Dacian Ciolos.

“We told the President that we are not a coalition based on a dazed enthusiasm, happy that it happened, but we are a coalition that is responsibly assuming what will happen in the upcoming months and years,” said the other USR-PLUS co chair Dan Barna.

“We informed the President about our intention to collaborate for 4 years, we have a huge responsibility”, said UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor.

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