Covid restrictions: The PLF digital form is still mandatory upon entry into Romania

The PLF passenger location certificate must be completed upon entering Romania until the emergency ordinance by which it was instituted is repealed, Government spokesman Dan Cărbunaru said on Wednesday. One day ago, the Minister of Health Alexandru Rafila announced that, once the state of alert has ended, the form is no longer requested.

The digital PLF form for entering Romania will still be mandatory to fill in, given that the emergency ordinance that established this obligation is in force, said on Wednesday Dan Cărbunaru, government spokesman.

“Regarding the green certificate and other conditions of entry into the country following yesterday’s decision which lifted the quarantine status for persons who did not present the green certificate or negative tests upon entry into the country, as a consequence of this decision, no person will enter the territory of Romania without having a green certificate or such a test will not need quarantine. As such, it remains useful as a document that Romanian citizens can use when traveling to other countries that have maintained this formula – the need for a green certificate – but not necessary to enter Romania without being quarantined”, said the gov’t spokesperson.

He explained that the validity of the green certificates issued by the Romanian authorities so far remains until the end of this year.

“As for the passenger location form, until the Government Emergency Ordinance 129/2021 is repealed, it will remain necessary. So for those entering Romania it will have to be completed. The introduction of PFL in Romania appeared as a result of a European context in which more and more European states introduced it in order to be able to come to the aid of those who were affected or at risk of being contaminated and, at this moment, since I was informed, there are steps to give up Romania such a document. Until this happens, however, we continue to appeal to the Romanian citizens to continue to process, to complete these forms “, Cărbunaru specified.

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