Criminal codes and enhancing the benefit of doubt, PSD’s top priorities in Parliament

Social Democrat Party chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Tuesday that amending the Criminal Codes and transposing the directive on the benefit of doubt in the Romanian legislation would be the party’s priorities in Parliament for the upcoming period.

The special committee on the criminal codes will convene this week or next week. Our colleagues who take care of the national security laws will present the committee’s goals this week and we have to pay attention for these laws will be also challenged to the Constitutional Court for sure,” said Dragnea.

As for the EU Directive 2016/343 on enhancing some provisions of the benefit of doubt, the PSD chair explained: “We see there are secret protocol, abuses and the principle must be transposed in laws, in the codes, so that every Romanian should have the guarantee that he/she can enjoy the benefit of doubt, that prosecution must be the one to bring evidence, that rulings are pronounced based on evidence, beyond any doubt.”

As for the denigration law, Dragnea said it is not a priority.

It’s incipience, it’s not a priority. Look of what is happening everywhere else, every citizen loves his country, wants his country to develop and I don’t think the citizens of other state would want the officials from that state to do a disservice to the country that it is paying him,” he argued.

The SocDem chairman announced in March that a law against those who denigrate Romania is needed “as Monica Macovei and other MEPs do, who are lying about their own country.”

Referendum on redefining family likely this spring

Liviu Dragnea also stated that he hopes the referendum to redefine family should be held this spring, adding that PSD endorses the amendment the Constitution so that it should stipulate that family is based on the marriage between a man and a woman.

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