CSAT Oks new norms in the healthcare sector. Decisions on nuclear energy, NATO summit

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday that the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) had Okayed an action plan on the healthcare sector, also informing that the Government would draft new norms on control, proceedings and laboratories.

The CSAT analyzed the healthcare situation in the Friday’s meeting, also discussing on the disinfectants used in hospitals, medicines and food safety.

We need new norms on antiseptics and disinfectants that should be compliant with the European standards, but we also need more drastic sanctions,” the President said.

In this respect the Government will draft a package of laws by the end of July.

The norms envisaged by the Executive refers to promoting cleaning, acquisitions compliant with the European standards, and the biocide control. Other norms relate to coordinating various fields to ensure food safety and antibiotics efficiency.

CSAT agreed that an information, reference and control mechanism is needed, as well as a training programme for the medical staff to be able to provide high quality medical services. The Government will send quarterly reports on the public healthcare to CSAT.

As far as the labs are concerned, Romanian authorities decided to develop a network of accredited laboratories that should also do tests on disinfectant substances. The Government is also expected to draft a long-term investment programme in this respect.

The new Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu was invited to attend the Friday’s CSAT meeting held at Cotroceni Palace. According to the law, the Health minister is not a CSAT member.

Units 3 & 4 of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, priority investment projects

The CSAT meeting also decided that the reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant should be declared priority investments projects. The Energy Minister presented a report in this respect in the meeting.

During the Council’s meeting we analyzed and approved the Energy Ministry’s report on the stage and evolution of the Units 3&4 project at Cernavoda, deciding that it represents a priority investment project for Romania, which will provide the rise of the nuclear energy quota to 30% or even 32% out of the total national energy production and will substantially contribute to the economic growth and to creating new jobs,” Klaus Iohannis argued.

Romanian to send 2,184 military and policemen in missions abroad next year

The Supreme Defence Council’s meeting also established that Romania should be able to send 1,401 military and civilians, as well as 783 police officers in missions and operations abroad in 2017.

The Council Okayed the Romanian army forces that can be placed at disposal to take part in NATO, EU, UN and OSCE-led missions and operations abroad. The Romanian army will take part with 1,401 military and civilians, while the Interior Ministry is providing 783 military and policemen to be deployed in the theatres of operations next year,” President Iohannis said after the meeting.

He also informed that CSAT approved Romania’s mandate at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, but added that this mandate could be updated and adjusted depending on the negotiations within the Alliance and on the security context.

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