CURS Poll: PSD-PNL Alliance Leads European Elections, With United Right and AUR Far Behind

​​The PSD-PNL alliance would get more than half of the votes of the Romanians in the European Parliament, while the PSD is the favorite in the local elections, according to a CURS omnibus survey, carried out between March 19-28.
To the question of which party or alliance they will vote with in the June 9 European Parliament elections, 53% of those surveyed answered the PSD-PNL Alliance. The United Right Alliance (USR-PMP-FD) is far behind, according to the survey, with a share of 14%. AUR is tied, also with 14%.
SOS Romania and UDMR also pass the electoral threshold, being credited with 5% of voting intentions.
Local elections
In the case of local elections, PSD is the favorite, with 35% of respondents declaring that they will vote with the Social Democrats. PNL ranks second, with 21% of voting intentions. The third place on the podium is shared by AUR and Alianța Dreapta Unitedă, with an electoral share of 13%. UDMR is credited with 5% of local voting intentions, the other parties being below the electoral threshold.
The CURS survey was conducted between April 19-28, on a sample of 1,067 people.
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