CURS poll: PSD still ranks first, PNL and AUR racing for the second position

PSD remains the favorite in Romanians’ voting intentions, followed by PNL and AUR, according to the latest CURS survey, conducted between September 12-22.

For the first time, Diana Șoșoacă’s party, SOS Romania, is rated with a voting intention of 5%, which is the electoral threshold.

According to the CURS survey, PSD is credited with 31%. PNL, ranks second, with 19%, closely followed by AUR, with 18%. USR has an electoral share of 11%, while UDMR is below the electoral threshold, 4%.

Pessimism regarding Schengen accession

60% of the respondents believe that Romania will not enter Schengen this year – 33% rather not, 27% definitely not. 41% of CURS respondents claim that the failure to join Schengen is due to Austria, while 21% say it is the fault of the Romanian government.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Outdated statistics. They should do it for now, after the arrest of the super corrupt PSD affiliated Mayor. They will loose at least 4% points from that.