Dacian Ciolos to set up political party from the ‘Romania 100’ platform

‘Romania 100’ platform Chairman Dacian Ciolos has announced on Sunday that, out of the platform, a political party will break away, which will be presented in the coming months and will be open to cooperate with the opposition parties.

“Out of the Romania 100 Platform a political party will break away. We, the ones who have founded the platform, we are determined to do it,” the former Prime Minister said.

“We are working on the party, in the coming months we will be able to present it. There’s no launching today,” Dacian Ciolos said. He added that the new party will be ready to submit a political offer at the next election, whenever it will take place.

“There is the risk that this project leads to the division of the opposition. We have considered this, it is a responsibility I cannot avoid, as a political party comes out of the platform, but it will not act against those with whom we share common values and principles. We will be open to cooperation with those with whom we can work,” Ciolos said.

The statement was made during a reunion of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform members in Bucharest.

During a joint press conference, also on Sunday, with PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban and USR Chairman Dan Barna, the former PM criticised the current ruling coalition.

“I don’t believe this coalition was voted and has the legitimacy to destroy the justice, to destroy Romania’s credibility abroad. (…) How can one have welfare in a corrupt state?”

In his turn, PNL leader Ludovic Orban has asked the people to take to the streets and protest peacefully, in order to show the current power that it has to take into account the wish of the majority in the society.

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