Dăncilă: All of us have to assume a possible failure in the presidential election

PM and PSD chairwoman Viorica Dăncilă stated that she would like to have a wider endorsement to help her win the presidential election. She told Digi24 on Wednesday evening that she had not offered any ministries or the invitation to join ruling to any party, amid information about her negotiating with Pro Romania’s leader Victor Ponta. Dăncilă said she would like for PSD to form a bloc next to Pro Romania, PNTCD, the Ecologist Party, trade unions and NGOS in order to win presidential election.

I had no discussion with Victor Ponta about him joining ruling or not, I had no negotiation. I talked to him about endorsing the candidate for Presidency, about a government restructuring, but no decision has been taken on joining ruling or taking over certain ministries. Of course, anyone who want to stand by us is welcome. I would like Pro Romania, PNTCD, Ecologist Party, trade unions or NGOs to form a bloc in the view of winning elections”, the prime minister stated.

Viorica Dăncilă has been designated the ruling party’s candidate for Presidency by the National Political Bureau on Tuesday.

The PSD chairwoman has also hinted she is not willing to take the entire credit for a potential failure in the elections. She stated that all county leaders of the party must assume the result of the presidential election. However, Dăncilă mentioned that of PSD loses elections she would assume an honourable resignation from the party’s helm.

“Each of us must assume the results. As in each county, the party assumes a certain target, the same I will have to assume certain things. It’s a honourable resignation that we all have to consider if w edon’t reach that score. The target is to win the Presidency. Mr. Iohannis used to say step by step, we say round of round, we aim at entering the runoffs and then win the elections. I think we have all chances, we are a strong, organised party, which had this disappointment in the EP elections. We must regain the voters’ confidence”, the premier said.

Asked about the rumours that she would score lower in the opinion polls than the party, Viorica Dăncilă said that there had been many rebukes, but she is well in the poll, close to the PSD’s score and that she hopes she will become a locomotive for the party in the electoral campaign.

I am pretty well in the polls, close to the party’s score. I cannot say I am a locomotive at this moment, but I hope to become one through the campaign,” she argued.

August 10 rally looked like a coup d’etat, PM says

Referring to the Diaspora rally on August 10, 2018 that prompted violent clashed between protesters and the riot police, PM Dăncilă said it looked like a coup d’etat to her.

When the protesters are forcing their way in the Government building, I think it look like a coup d’etat. I know one thing, that they tried to enter the Government building. When you try by force to enter the Government building, this is unacceptable. Who made mistakes must pay. There are files under way. I have no suspicion, I am not the one to judge. The justice will establish the culprits,” the head of the Executive argued, while comparing the Diaspora rally with the violent ”Yellow Vests” protests in France.

“If charges against Kovesi come true, Romania will pay the bill”

The prime minister has also stated that, if former anti-corruption head Laura Codruta Kovesi is appointed European chief prosecutor and charges against her come true, then Romania will be the one „to pay the bill” and will lose credibility among the EU institutions.

“I don’t know Mrs Kovesi, but there are certain suspicions against her. She stepped down from DNA’s helm because it was a report against her, not because she wanted. I thinks she would have better solved her problems in the country before running for a position in Brussels,” Dăncilă said.

“I would like Mrs Kovesi has no problem at all, but if there is a problem, all will say that Romania has a problem with the European chief prosecutor. Then, we all as a country will pay the bill. My endorsement doesn’t matter too much,” the premier added.


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