Defence minister, the Supreme Court’s chief criticize law to tax special pensions

Defence minister and the chief of the Supreme Court have slammed the law taxing special pensions by up to 85%, including the pensions of military and magistrates.

DefMin Nicolae Ciucă stated that the military pensions are not special, arguing that, since Cuza’s time (ruler of Romanian Principalities who achieved the union of the two principalities, Moldavia and Wallachia and who initiated a series of reforms that contributed to the modernization of Romanian society) up to present, the servicemen have benefited of work pensions. “It is very important to understand that we cannot change rules without analysing the system itself”, Ciuca argued.

“The legal duties of the military to their country continue also after their retirement, unlike other staff categories. During their activity, servicemen have almost the lowest public salaries, despite the fact we are always on duty, or almost the entire life far away from our families, they attend war missions and, which is mostly important, they have more constitutional rights restricted.”

The Defence minister also says that “military are not allowed to have on more job or their own business, have no right to go on strike or to form a trade union, and their freedom of movement is restricted for they need consents when they leave the country or their garrison”.

“I conclude with one question: if we have to be equal on retirement, wouldn’t be fair to be also equal during our active life?”, minister Ciuca said.

In her turn, the President of the Supreme Court, Corina Corbu, has sent a tough message to the Chamber of Deputies that passed the law on the additional taxation of the special pensions, including the one of magistrates. Corbu asked the initiators to say it publicly ho much are representing the pensions of retired magistrates out of the total special pensions. The Supreme Court chief added that “the attempts to decrease the guarantees of the magistrates’ independence, more visible today, are regularly repeating and are opportunities for the political class to join forces, despite the long proclaimed principle of loyal cooperation among the state powers”.

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