Deputies veto immunity lift for ex-minister Rovana Plumb investigated in the Belina file

Deputies have vetoed on Tuesday the anti-corruption prosecutors’ request to prosecute Rovana Plumb in the Belina file, by 183 votes to 99. Plumb stated after the vote that the MPs had cast a vote which defends the separation of powers.

The former minister of European Funds stated in the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies that her criminal file is the result of an abuse, arguing that PSD’s political foes use non-democratic, abusive tools to kick the party out from the ruling.

It’s an abuse born out of the desire of some people who don’t understand and don’t respect the real democracy and the fact that one party gets to rule only by the citizens’ votes. It’s obvious that our political foes want us out from the ruling, by using these abusive, non-democratic tools,” said the resigning minister before the MPs cast their vote.

She argued that an unfair repression is launched against the members of the Government and the Social Democrat Party in order to foil the popular vote.

You notice there is a harmful precedent, while parallel tools enable an unfair repression against the members of the Government (…) We witness a dangerous game of perception, with the permanent attempt to mislead through methods meant to serve only one purpose: to demonise PSD, to compromise the entire ruling programme and to foil the popular vote, as it happened at the referendum and in the case of the Diaspora vote during the presidential elections,” Plumb added.

The former minister of European Funds also pointed out that, in her view, this criminal case should not have existed, as it is the result of an abuse.

I am not guilty. I have observed the laws, I haven’t had any deal outside the law, I have never been asked or granted illegal support to anyone,” she said.

Plumb argued that she had done nothing wrong and that both government resolutions (editor note-which Okayed the transfer of the Belina island under the authority of Teleorman Councy Council) are legal.

I cannot be accomplice to a deed which is not a crime. Please vote as your consciousness dictates you. The vote you’ll cast is not for Rovana Plumb, but to put an end to the rule of abuses,” she concluded.

The members of the legal committee in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday vetoed the National Anti-corruption Directorate’s request to prosecute resigning minister for European Funds, Rovana Plumb, by 14 votes to nine.

DNA has requested the lower chamber to give its consent for the criminal prosecution against Plumb, former minister of Environment at the time the deeds were committed. Plumb is charged with abetment in abuse of office in the file on the illegal transfer of Belina Island under the Teleorman County Council’s authority. Former deputy PM, Sevil Shhaideh, is also charged in this file.

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