Deputy NATO Secretary General Mircea Geoana: Romania will not be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine

Romania is not at risk of being involved in the war in Ukraine and there are no indications that Russia wants to attack a NATO state, said the deputy general secretary of the alliance, Mircea Geoană, who believes that the concern of Romanians who live near the Danube border with Ukraine is understandable.

“There are no indications that the Russian Federation has any intention to attack an allied state, that it is Romania, that it is anyone else. And this is given by the power and strength of our alliance. We are the first element of deterrence (…). Obviously, when you listen a few hundred meters or a few kilometers away from your home, from your place of work, the noise of war, obviously it creates emotion and obviously it creates anxiety and anguish. I understand this. But there is no risk for Romania, in the sense of being involved in this conflict or having an extension of this conflict to us”, stated Geoană on Monday, while in Răcari in Dâmboviţa county.

At the same time, the NATO official announced his intention to visit the areas in Tulcea county located in the vicinity of the Ukrainian ports constantly attacked by drones of the Russian Federation. “What would have happened if we were not in NATO? And maybe that would be an element of additional confidence in the fact that we belong to the strongest alliance in the history of humanity. And I really intend to visit in the next period and (…) maybe my presence and my message will be a message of peace, trust and calm”, Mircea Geoană also said.

Regarding the fragments of drones discovered in the north of Tulcea county, the deputy general secretary of NATO showed that there are no indications of an intention to strike Romania’s territory. “Obviously there is an ongoing investigation, which the Romanian authorities are carrying out. We are in direct contact, at the political and military level, with the Romanian ally and I am convinced that all the elements will be elucidated and will be presented to public opinion in a transparent manner in the future. So, first of all, it is not a deliberate attack. My message, as a Romanian, is to try to have confidence in the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance has all the measures taken, now and in the future, to ensure the protection of the entire allied space, including Romania”, stated Geoană.

He welcomed, in the context, the US decision to supplement the air police in the Black Sea area. “So we will have, in addition to the 5,000 allied soldiers who are on our territory today, additional elements and this should reassure us and give us a lot of confidence. At the same time, in Vilnius, our leaders adopted a new generation of defense plans, exactly for this type of incidents, accidents or more serious situations, of possible deliberate attacks. That is why the defense plans are much more complete, starting from the air police, a much more integrated anti-missile system, we are talking about measures specific to the Black Sea, which is, in itself, an important area for us and very complex”, added the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

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