Deputy PM: Going to the mall might be conditioned by vaccination. PM: I thought all scenarios remain in the coalition

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu voiced discontent with the statements made on Friday by Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna, regarding some measures that could be taken to increase the vaccination rate.

Barna said that, among the measures discussed in the coalition would, would be the granting of incentives in the form of vouchers, but also the adoption of a ban on going to the mall for people who are not vaccinated.

In retort, prime minister Florin Cîțu stated that there were just discussions in the coalition and that he had the impression that they will not reach the public space. He acknowledged though that both incentives and restrictions are taken into account.

“I left the coalition meeting with the impression from the coalition that all the scenarios remain there,” Cîțu said. He declined to comment on these scenarios. “It doesn’t make sense to comment on scenarios. There are so many scenarios, let’s see the decisions on the table.” The prime minister acknowledged, however, that proposals are being considered that come with both incentives and restrictions.

Dan Barna announced on Friday that several measures are taken into account and were discussed in the coalition meeting. “There are two types of measures: to encourage vaccination, but also for medical staff, for access to non-essential services, to be conditioned by vaccination. Going to the mall, for example, to be conditioned by vaccination, people who are vaccinated to be allowed  to go to the mall during the weekend, the rest who are not vaccinated during the week,” said Barna.

On the other hand, incentives are also analyzed. “We are thinking of all the options to convince the people in the countryside to go and get vaccinated. Various variants of vouchers, incentives, vouchers, vouchers, not money directly are discussed. The possibility of a lottery in agricultural equipment was also discussed,” the deputy prime minister added.

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