Diana Sosoaca asked Putin’s people to promote her on Russian Facebook

Pro-Russian Senator Diana Sosoaca contacted Putin’s people to ask them to promote her messages on their VKontakte (Russian Facebook) accounts. His most recent message, regarding Transnistria, a message that follows the lines of Russian propaganda, was published by Dmitri Rogozin himself, the former head of the Russian Space Agency, currently a senator in the Zaporozhye region, illegally annexed by Russia.

“Diana Iovanovic-Shoshoaca, Romanian senator, asked us to publish her statement in the Romanian Senate on 05.03.2024,” Rogozin wrote, before publishing the message to Șoșoacă.

Sosoacă’s message has the following title: “If it will be necessary to defend this people from war, I will also go to Moscow, with all the dangers and dire consequences for me.”

In the text, Șoșoăcă repeats the narratives of Russian propaganda, according to which Moldova is being pushed by NATO and Soros into a possible conflict with Russia because of Transnistria.

“Moldova does not matter by itself in this conflict, but by the fact that it can draw Romania into the same conflict, which is a member state of the EU and NATO”, says Șoșoacă.

The pro-Russian senator also resumes the thesis of the “occupied state”, saying that Romania, through the NATO bases in our country, is “a colony”. “The West and the USA want to send us cannon fodder to fight in Ukraine”, says Sosoacă.

Last year, in the summer, Sosoacă gave an interview to a Russian publication in which he claims that Romania is a “colony” in the EU, that Europeans and Americans want the destruction of Russia and that Ukraine illegally owns territories, including some that belong to Romania. Also last year, before he died, former Wagner leader Evgheni Prigojin thanked Diana Sosoaca for supporting Russia. To be heard, we must speak loudly,” he said.

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