District 1 mayor Clotilde Armand prosecuted for appointing herself a manager in an anti-corruption project

The Mayor of District 1, Clotilde Armand (USR), was heard on Tuesday morning at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Court of Appeal. She said she was summoned to be informed that she is a suspect in the case where the National Integrity Agency (ANI) accuses her of conflict of interest and incompatibility.

“I came to the prosecutor’s office at the request of the prosecutor to clarify the situation at ANI, based on Dan Tudorache’s complaint. I have been made aware that I am a suspect, I understand that this is the procedure. As if I had been illegally remunerated with 3,000 euros in a European project in which I implemented anti-corruption measures at the City Hall of Sector 1. A project that was successfully completed at the end of May: 60 civil servants participated in training courses /training in the field of corruption prevention, transparency, ethics and integrity, a register of corruption risks was created at the level of the local administration in District 1, operational procedures were developed regarding the management of corruption risks and the establishment of preventive anti-corruption measures at the level of the City Hall of Sector 1 and awareness campaigns were carried out regarding the risk of exposure to acts of corruption.

The City Hall of Sector 1 was one of the first local administrations in Romania to obtain certification for the anti-bribery management system. As I said before, we respected the law in the case of the project with European funds and contested the ANI report in court. I have faith in the justice system”, said Clotilde Armand.

The National Integrity Agency announced, in November 2022, that the mayor of District  1, Clotilde Armand, was in a conflict of interests and incompatibility, and the prosecutor’s office was notified of the crime of using the position to favor certain people.

The National Integrity Agency accuses Clotilde Armand, the mayor of Sector 1, of an administrative conflict of interest, because she appointed herself manager in an anti-corruption project financed by European funds, as a result of which she would have earned almost 19,000 lei.

ANI notified the prosecutor’s office. In reply, the mayor of Sector 1 shows that the project was checked and approved by the Ministry of Investments and European Projects and also that he had the right to increase the allowance. Clotilde Armand challenged the ANI report in court.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    If this is true… she is or was unbelievably incompetent.

  • Mr Rearguard

    She should send herself to jail because that is the only way she can prove that she had no conflict of interest?