Doctor Catalin Cirstoiu, officially presented as PSD-PNL candidate for Bucharest City Hall

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă presented the PSD-PNL candidate at the Capital City Hall, doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu, on Wednesday. Gabriela Firea and Sebastian Burduja are the coordinators of the campaign in Bucharest. Gabriela Firea was the first to introduce Cîrstoiu, who emphasized that it is time for the people of Bucharest to feel that they are getting over their pride and assured that she will work even harder in this campaign. PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu added that he did not argue with either Firea or Burduja and that they both agreed to come with a team and an administrative program.

Why did I make the decision to accept such a challenge? With my team, about 4,000 patients find a medical solution every year. About 130,000 patients go through the University Hospital every year. At the Faculty of Medicine, we train a thousand young people every year who will become doctors Having a civic sense, I understood that health is not limited to those methods found in the hospital. Health goes beyond that, it is influenced by clean air, efficient public transport, efficient infrastructure, a warm and conducive environment Bucharest is a unique project in which the Mayor General takes the decision by listening to those who have solutions The City Hall needs a restructuring of health services The Mayor General is not that he is not important, he does not need to count trees, he needs to ensure that he has institutions that they must have a vision, state the principles of organization, be able to elegantly represent this city A personal confession: perhaps one of my obligations was to ensure the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer at the University Hospital. We have the most modern radiotherapy bunker. I saw in this city that it had the same disease that obsessed me. You have a survivor of this disease. It’s a painful confession. Together we will defeat a sick city and make it a healthy city,” said Cătălin Cîrstoiu.

In the position of giving up desire to run for a new term at the Capital City Hall, Gabriela Firea pledged to join forces for Cirstoiu’s campaign.

“Our common interest, that was mine too, is not to occupy a seat. The interest was that in Bucharest we should no longer be ashamed that it is a mess, that people live in the cold and that they can only go to parks in the sector, those of Bucharest City Hall being unsanitary. In the last three years, any master plan on sanitation, pollution or urban mobility has been abandoned in Bucharest. I will work even harder on this campaign. Let the people of Bucharest feel that we are shaking hands and that we are overcoming personal passions, not to call them arrogance,” Gabriela Firea declared.

“You can count on us, on PNL, on our team, beyond pride and fights what matters is what remains behind. The time of the sandal has passed. The time of incompetence, slowness and indolence has passed. We are returning Bucharest to the people of Bucharest. Don’t make little Paris, to make Bucharest great”, said in his turn Sebastian Burduja, the Liberal coordinator of Cirstoiu’s campaign.

“Even if today on the Day of Happiness we didn’t bring happiness, I think we brought normality, which is expected by all Romanians. Ciolacu asked me how long we have been in government. It has been working for two and a half years, that’s why we show at the European Parliament of unity and to create a strong list with which to better represent the interests of the Romanians. Based on this model, we considered it opportune and necessary to come with a common candidate, and this is Cătălin Cîrstoiu. We did not come with a politician, because I came with a man who has only done in life to serve people from morning to night, in an institution where people need help when they are in trouble. He is not interested in business and TV debates. He is interested in doing things,” stated PNL chairman Nicolae Ciuca.

“The general mayor (editor note: Nicusor Dan0 boasts about the things and projects left by Firea. I am convinced that Firea would have started things faster with experience. I saw Burduja’s enthusiasm and knowledge of pushing things further. Doctor Cîrstoiu did not stand idly by at the Government, he did European projects and developed the University Hospital. Together we searched for the best solution. I did not argue with Firea, nor with Burduja. We both agreed to come up with a team and an administrative schedule,” said Marcel Ciolacu, PSD leader.

On Thursday, The PSD will convene the National Council where some of the local candidates and the list for the European Parliament will be validated.

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