EC denies Romania’s request to increase Army state budget

The European Commission denied Romania’s request to supplement the state defense budget with 0.3 percent of the GDP (an EUR 500 M amount). Following this decision, the state allotment for the Army stays at only 1.4 percent of GDP.

“In spite of the debates held at Ecofin level last year, the Commission refused to accept a solution regarding the additional army expenses, although we share the border with Ukraine,” Romanian Finance minister, Darius Valcov told a press release on Wednesday.

The leaders of the Romanian main political parties and president Klaus Iohannis signed a political agreement two weeks ago, which stipulated that Romanian Defense sector would get at least 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product starting 2017, for a ten-year period.

The total budget of the Defense Ministry amounts to RON 9 billion. About RON 3 bln are allotted to land forces, RON 2.7 bln to air forces and RON 1.1 bln to navy forces.



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