EC nominate Romania to buy, stock and distribute medical equipment for the EU countries affected by COVID-19

Romania has been nominated by the European Commission to buy, stock and distribute medical equipment for all the European Union countries affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the USR-PLUS Alliance announced on Tuesday.

“USR PLUS delegation to the European Parliament endorsed and promoted the idea of a European medical equipment reserve, which has come  true today. The work, started by Rapporteur Nicolae Stefanuta on the EU civil protection mechanism in February and endorsed by Dacian Ciolos and Renew Europe group, pays off for Europe and Romania. Our country has been designated by the European Commission with the task to buy, stock and distribute medical equipment for the Union countries affected by the COVID-19 crisis,” reads a USR PLUS Alliance press release.

Based on this European contract, Romania has already purchased 150 respirators and essential medical stuff that are entirely paid by the European Union. The initial EUR 50 million budget  will be further increased cover the European needs as much as possible.

The stocks of medical equipment will be distributed  based on the number of confirmed cases in a country and the capacity of the intensive care units.

This European strategic reserve is welcomed in the context of COVID-19, but is should exist at the EU level on a regular basis. We will face events of this magnitude more often, especially because of the climate change. No European state, no matter how rich it is, can manage it alone. But, above all, it shouldn’t manage it alone, but together, in solidarity with all the other Europeans,” MEP Nicolae Stefanuta said.

The European strategic reserve is to be distributed to hospitals in Romania, Italy, Spain or any other European state in difficulty.

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