Electoral Bureau adopts controversial decision for the local elections due on Sept. 27

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has ruled on Monday that Romanians who have not filled out a change-of-address card by September 4 at the latest will be able to vote in the upcoming local elections only in their locality of permanent residence. The local elections are due on September 27.
However, they have immediately revised the decision, the president of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP),Constantin Mitulețu Buică, explained to G4Media.ro that BEC had not banned people who do not have a transitory visa until September 4 to vote in their locality of residence, but these persons will be put on additional lists in order to cast their vote.
In theory, the measure should prevent the frauds reported in the previous elections last years, when many voters were brought with the vans from various localities, had their transitory visas done on the spot and massively voted in favour of a certain candidate.
The vote in the Central Electoral Bureau has been tight, as there were voices claiming that the ruling is violating the right to vote and arguing that the existing computer system does not allow multiple vote anymore.
According to sources for Hotnews, the ruling has been taken by the vote of all BEC members and of the PSD and ALDE representatives, while the USR, PNL and UDMR members, as well those of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) have voted against.
However, the same sources said that the ruling would not be legal, as it establishes an interdiction for the past (it was adopted on September 7 and sets a previous restrictive deadline, September 4.)
The law in force used to allow citizens who had a transitory visa to vote in the new locality of residence even if they filled out for this visa on the elections’ day.
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