Elena Udrea prosecuted for money laundering and false wealth statements

Anti-corruption prosecutors said Udrea is now subject to legal restrictions pending trial. She is not allowed to leave Bucharest or to speak to other defendants in the Microsoft file.

Elena Udrea, a former presidential candidate, was taken on Thursday morning by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) by warrant. According to sources, Udrea will give statements in Microsoft file, adevarul.ro and evz.ro inform.

“This morning I was invited in person to the DNA by the prosecutors to provide clarifications. It surprises me somewhat their decision to proceed in this way since I always showed will to cooperate with the investigators and to clarify things I am aware of in the various cases which are under consideration. Obviously that’s the way I will act,” wrote Elena Udrea on her personal Facebook page.

Questioned about Udrea’s file, Codruta Kovesi, head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), did not give too many details about this, only saying that Elena Udrea was summoned in a file pending before the court of law for a long time. “It is not a new file”, Kovesi said on Thursday while leaving the Interior Ministry’s 2014 balance sheet meeting.

Deputy Elena Udrea is accused by the DNA prosecutors of money laundering and false wealth statements in the Microsoft file, the National Anti-corruption Directorate informed later on Thursday.
According to judicial sources quoted by Agerpres, Elena Udrea knew that the money used by her ex-husband, Dorin Cocos, for the purchase of common goods, money coming from committing offenses. Currently, Dorin Cocos is in custody, accused in the Microsoft file.
Judicial sources said that in 2009, Dorin Cocos claimed from Claudiu Florica and Dinu Pescariu the amount of EUR 9,000,000 for him, EUR 3,996,360 for George Stefan and EUR 2,700,000 for the then Minister Gabriel Sandu, in order to exert influence on Gabriel Sandu and other persons in the Government and, respectively, of the ministries involved – MCSI, Ministry of Finance – in order to provide the companies supported by Claudiu Floric? the awarding of the Microsoft licensing contract in 2009.
Dorin Cocos received from Claudiu Florica, having Dinu Pescariu as intermediary, the amount of EUR 9,000,000, the quoted sources say.
Judicial sources explained that, as MEP/Minister, Elena Udrea was required to declare her assets. The wealth statement in 2010 does not include information about loans for SC Hotels International Co. Ltd. from Dorin Cocos, although Udrea declared the cashing of dividends from that company, the sources revealed.
The sources also say Elena Udrea knew the source of the funds used to purchase common goods together with her former husband, aware also that Dorin Cocos intended to obtain false receipts to allegedly prove paying back the loan to Dinu Pescariu.
Businessman Dorin Coco? became her husband when the couple married on Udrea’s 30th birthday in 2003, at the Romanian Consulate in New York City. They divorced in June 2013.
Elena Udrea is currently the president of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), she has been a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies since 2008. In successive Emil Boc cabinets, she served as Tourism Minister from 2008 to 2009 and as Regional Development and Tourism Minister from 2009 to 2012.
Udrea began her political activity in 2002 as a legal adviser to the Social-Democratic Party (PSD). She joined the National Liberal Party (PNL) that year, becoming a Bucharest city councillor in June 2004, during the period of the Justice and Truth Alliance. She held that office until the following February, and during that time she was president of the council’s committee on law and discipline. In October 2005 she resigned from the PNL, joining the Democratic Party (PD – precursor of PD-L, now included within the new PNL) in February 2006. In December, she was elected the party’s executive secretary, becoming a vice-president of the PD-L a year later.
From February to November 2005, while away from her law practice, Udrea was a state counsellor and head of the Presidential Chancellery under President Traian B?sescu.
For the 2012 election, Udrea ran in a seat based in the city of Roman. Although placing second, she won another term through redistribution. In March 2013, Udrea ran for the PD-L leadership but was defeated by Vasile Blaga on a 51-44 margin. In January 2014, Udrea, whom Blaga was preparing to expel from the PD-L, resigned from the party following disagreements with his leadership record, and joined the People’s Movement Party (PMP).
For the 2014 presidential elections she finished in fourth place, with 5.2 percent of the vote.
Udrea is known as a close friend of former President Traian Basescu.


Former Minister of Economy and PDL vice-president Adriean Vieanu was also present on Thursday at the DNA offices, being heard in relation to the Microsoft file and due to the statements recently made by former minister Gabriel Sandu, Mediafax further informs. Other sources say Videanu was called in relation to the Alina Bica file. Coincidence, Videanu entered the DNA offices while Elena Udrea was leaving the building.

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