EU Commissioner Corina Cretu: Protest is normal in democracy, the parties should take the people’s voice into account

Attending the Three Seas Initiative summit in Bucharest, the EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu also referred to the protests of August 10, telling an  interview to HotNews that people have the right to protest in democracy and the parties should listen to them.

As politician, I have always supported the Romanians’ right to protest, I think this must be guaranteed in any democratic country, like  everywhere in Europe. And it is normality in a democracy everywhere. I think parties should always take the people’s voice into account, whether they express it by vote or by civic or politic participation. On these controversies related to violence, there are several ongoing investigations, you know very well the European Parliament has asked for a debate on this topic. So, until the competent authorities pronounce themselves, allow me to make no further comments. However, anywhere in the world, any type of violence must be strongly denied. So, in my view, the laws must be enforced, the institutions must be defended, but, on the other hand, there is the free right of Romanians to affirm their stances freely and peacefully,” Cretu stated.

Asked if she will run in the EP elections, the commissioner said she would decide that next year. Cretu also added that PSD had not contacted her on this topic and she had received no offer until now. Cretu mentioned she doesn’t know what is happening to the preparations for the EP lists within the Social Democrat Party.

EC sees in this summit an opportunity for cooperation on energy, infrastructure and digitization

Corina Cretu told the Business Forum within the Three Seas Initiative Summit on Monday that „there are gaps not only among the EU countries but also inside the member states”, adding that EU must remain robust in front of external shocks.

The cross border initiatives, like this summit, are contributing to the regional development while increasing the cohesion within the entire European Union”, Cretu said.

The European Commission sees in this summit a unique opportunity for cooperation on the energy, infrastructure and digitization fields, which are essential to the EU’s strength and stability. Our union must remain robust in front of challenges of the external shocks”, she added.

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