EU leaders to the Sibiu Summit. Macron advises on the need of European common projects, Merkel pleads for unity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pleaded for unity at European level during the statement made upon arriving at the EU Summit in Sibiu, stressing that a debate about the Europe’s future is needed.

I am happy we have got together in Sibiu today, I thank our hosts. It is an important day for the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council,” Merkel said.

„We’ll talk today about the strategic Agenda of the future, we’ll clear up the EU directions”, she added.

We must innovative, strong and united. We’ll plead for all these today”, Germany’s Chancellor further said, arguing that disagreements inside the EU must be overcome through negotiations.

In his turn, French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken about the need of mobilisation for Europe’s evolution to counter climate changes and for the security of the European citizens.

„There are many things to consider: defence, protection of the strategic economic interests, climate”, Macron pointed out.

In his view, reducing carbon emissions, protecting borders and Europe’s security are the priorities the European Union should have in the coming years. Macron mentioned that the deadline for cutting carbon emissions to zero is 2050.

„Regarding climate issue, we must fight more and we have made this choice last week to asl the U.S. to redefine its stance for they are not doing enough on climate change”, Emmanuel Macron argued.

France’s President also stated that Europe needs a new economic and social growth pattern. „We need a Europe that should invest in the Artificial Intelligence, on all topics which will determine the evolution tomorrow”.

Asked by the journalists on the Iran topic, he said that France will defend the nuclear agreements that it negotiated with Iran. „We must monitor Iran’s ballistic activity, we must defend this 2015 agreements and we must all take a common stance”.

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