EU states agree on initiating the process of Ukraine’s, Moldova’s and Georgia’s joining the European Union

The 27 EU member states agreed on Monday to start the process by which Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will be able to become members of the bloc in the future, following the formal request sent to Brussels by these three countries last week.

According to a Twitter announcement from the French presidency of the EU Council, the 27 member states asked the European Commission on Monday to take the first step in this direction, by drafting a report based on which member states will decide whether to grant candidate status to Ukraine, the Republic Moldova and Georgia.

Last week, Ukraine formally demanded EU membership, followed by Moldova and Georgia, which involved a laborious and lengthy process.

The European Parliament has warned that its resolution in support of Ukraine’s EU accession, voted on Tuesday, does not mean that the accession process has begun or that the country would benefit from any special accession procedure, as some messages from Kyiv.

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