Eugen Tomac resigns from the PMP helm after party fails to pass the election threshold

Eugen Tomac has resigned today from the helm of PMP, after the party had failed to pass the electoral threshold. He said that, according to the latest data, PMP obtained 4.94% in the Sunday’s parliamentary elections, which means it will not enter the configuration of the future Parliament.

“I had a long meeting with my colleagues from PMP this morning and, as I am aware that we all wanted more, we all expected a better result, I decided to inform my colleagues that I am assuming this result, (….) and I filed my resignation from the position of PMP chairman”, said Tomac.

The interim leadership of the party is taken over by Marius Pașcan.

Eugen Tomac added that over 1,000 appeals had been filed to the electoral bureaus for the polling stations where PMP obtained no vote.
The People’s Movement Party (PMP) was founded by former President Traian Basescu in February 2015.
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