European Funds minister attacks former PM Victor Ponta: It’s time to speak out, loud

Unprecedented attack against former PM Victor Ponta on Wednesday, as European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea accused him of lying about the European funds absorption rate, of delaying the Pitesti-Sibiu highway and of favouring local barons in agriculture, detrimental to small farmers. “It’s time to speak out, loud. We will speak,” Ghinea said, according to

Ghinea accused Ponta of having started “an aggressive campaign against the Ciolos government” and of going over the decency limit. “This cabinet I am part of was at fault, because it was too elegant until now. We did not respond to attacks, we didn’t go to the TV stations to reply. We worked hard, in silence to mend the politics left behind by politicians like you. It’s time to speak out, loud,” Ghinea said.

One of the harshest accusations Ghinea refers to is the IT system meant to solve the transparency of European money. “You had two years to solve this issue. You didn’t solve it. You did not know or you did not want to? You know what the employees of the ministry whisper about the computerization during your mandate? You guessed it: <Ghita>,” Ghinea wrote.

Ghinea further accused Ponta of disinformation or manipulation when the former prime minister said that “Romania has zero absorption rates and is the only European Union country in such a situation.”

Cristian Ghinea wrote that the Ponta government “reached the peak of incompetence with the famous Juncker Plan: the Ponta government sent a list of no less than 200 projects in 2014. Out of them zero were accepted.”

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