Ex-PM Adrian Nastase, rehabilitated by the court. Ruling not final though

Former PSD Prime Minister Adrian Nastase – convicted in two corruption cases and who also served jail time – has been rehabilitated by the High Court of Cassation and Justice, which means, among other things, that he will be able to exercise his right to vote and to be elected in public office. However, the ruling taken by the Supreme Court on Tuesday is not final and it can be challenged.

The Supreme Court has ruled in the former PSD PM’s request to be rehabilitate by the court.

“It orders the judicial rehabilitation of the petitioner Năstase Adrian regarding the sentence of 2 years imprisonment (…) and the punishment of 4 years imprisonment (…), punishments that were merged by the criminal sentence no. 1385 / 08.05.2014 pronounced by the Bucharest Tribunal – Criminal Section I, in the file no. 1745/3/2014  (…) establishing a resulting sentence of 4 years and 6 months imprisonment (…)”, reads the ruling.

According to article 169 of the Criminal Code, by rehabilitation, in the case of a convicted person, the forfeitures, interdictions and incapacities resulting from the sentence by which he was convicted cease.

In October, former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase announced that he had filed a request for judicial rehabilitation. “As all the conditions provided by law have been fulfilled, I submitted today, in court, the request for judicial rehabilitation”, Adrian Năstase posted on his blog on Friday.

Adrian Năstase has two convictions – one in the “Quality Trophy” case and the other in the “Zambaccian” case. The first sentence, of two years in prison with execution, was ordered by the supreme court in June 2012, in the case in which Năstase was brought to justice on charges of using funds paid by companies for the 2004 election campaign at the “Quality Trophy” competition, organized by the State Inspectorate for Constructions.

The second sentence, of four years in prison, was handed down in January 2014, in the “Zambaccian” case, in which the former prime minister was found guilty of continuing bribery and blackmail.

Adrian Năstase was imprisoned from June 26, 2012 until March 18, 2013, when he was released on parole, by the decision of the Bucharest Tribunal.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    The man is a prat. Joke country if they let him back into public office.