Ex-president Basescu launches new attacks on judiciary

Former president Traian Basescu insists on attacking the recent judiciary’s actions, launching new attacks on Thursday. He said that in ten years of mandate “he paid a too high price individually and politically” so that he could shut up today, arguing the judiciary is compromising itself “step by step” through its latest actions, through TV shows.

“Don’t worry, I shall keep talking about justice affairs (…) I won’t stop here, despite all grumbling cries. I don’t want others to say that a judiciary which has distorted in the past ten months by breaking the human rights is what has been build during the ten years of my mandates. Mind my words, dear discontent persons, I am not against anti-corruption fight. I have initiated this battle so that the rule of law should survive, the legal institutional mechanisms to fight corruption have been created during my mandates,” Basescu wrote on Facebook.

The former head of state claims that his statements on judiciary don’t represent “a reaction to what happened to persons close to him”, but to the judiciary’s actions.

“(…) Judiciary cannot be viable if prosecutors and judges are <on the same side>, be it the side of anti-corruption fight. What chances a defendant still have in front of the judge if the judge stands on the same side with the prosecutor? Why do we need judges anymore, if they cannot or do not want to weigh the prosecutors’ abuses if the case?” Basescu wondered.

He considers the only institution that could “fix things up” is the Superior Council of Magistracy.

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