Family minister Gabriela Firea resigns

The Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, Gabriela Firea, accepted on Friday to resign from the Government after a discussion with the Prime Minister and PSD President, Marcel Ciolacu, as a result of the “horror asylums” scandal. It is the second resignation after that of the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai.

Firea was given an ultimatum until Monday to think about whether or not to resign from the Government, sources from the PSD leadership told mass media.

After the release of the document that proves that the patron of the “asylums of horror”, Ștefan Godei, was employed in the senatorial cabinet of Gabriela Firea, but also at the football club owned by Florentin Pandele’s mayor’s office, she was told that she should to take a step back, otherwise the party would withdraw its political support.

Gabriela Firea is the first vice-president of the PSD and has voiced her intention to run again for the position of Bucharest general mayor. The existence of a rivalry between her and the male leaders of the party has been known for a long time in the party, Marcel Ciolacu fearing a possible desire of Gabriela Firea to run for the presidential elections.

Yesterday, Digi24 published a document that shows that Ștefan Godei, the patron of the asylum in Ilfov, has been the man of the house of the Firea-Pandele family since 2014 and was employed in all the institutions where Firea worked until he became a minister. Godea’s last job was in the Senate, where he worked as a driver until February this year, when the journalistic investigations of the asylums of horrors became public. Gabriela Firea reacted and said that he was not her driver either to the Senate or to the City Hall.

The resignation of Gabriela Firea was submitted to the General Secretariat of the Government.

I am leaving so that the prime minister can quietly work on good economic and social projects for Romanians, as well as the PSD and PNL ministers, so that they can present their work. In this atmosphere of total war against me, as a member of the Government, a normal activity cannot continue”, Gabriela Firea said in a Facebook post, in which she announces that she is also suspended from the positions held in the PSD.

I am completely innocent, it was also seen from the ongoing investigation, it will be established further, in the courts, but what happened to my life and my family’s life in the last 10 days showed me the immense interest for me to erode myself and to reduce my chances of winning another term of general mayor to the point of cancellation“, she also wrote.

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