Final results of general election: PSD – 28.9%; PNL – 25%; USR PLUS – 15%, AUR 9.8%. PMP and Pro Romania fail to accede to Parliament

The Central Electoral Bureau has announced the final results of the parliamentary elections of December 6, 2020. While the ranking remains the same, the percentage are slightly different from the provisional results known so far, with PSD climbing down a little bit below 29% and AUR reaching almost 10% at the Chamber of Deputies.

The situation remains unchanged also in the case of PMP and Pro Romania, who failed to pass the electoral threshold to accede to Parliament.

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta has already announced his withdrawal from politics, at least temporarily, while PMP chairman Eugen Tomac has filed his resignation from the helm of the partty today.

Chamber of Deputies

PSD: 28.9%

PNL: 25.19%

USR PLUS: 15.37%%

AUR: 9.8%

UDMR: 5.74%

PMP: 4.82%

Pro România: 4.9%


PSD: 29.32%

PNL: 25.58%

USR PLUS: 15.86%

AUR: 9.17%

UDMR: 5.89%

PMP: 4.93%

Pro România: 4.13%

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