Five in six Liberal leaders of district branches resign over poor results in local elections

Leaders of five Liberal district branches in Bucharest has resigned, except for the leader of the district 2 branch, following the poor results in the local elections, Liberal Vice-President Mihai Voicu announced on Wednesday.

Five in six leaders of district branches filed their resignations. There is no other way. Senator Anca Boagiu, leader of PNL District 2 branch asked to consult first with the Political Bureau of the district and she hasn’t filed her resignation,” Voicu said.

He added that Ilie Bolojan’s resignation from the secretary general office has also been asked.

Some of us, namely four district leaders, asked for Ilie Bolojan’s resignation from the secretary general position for we considered he hadn’t performed as head of national campaign, he completely missed this campaign. We haven’t received any answer yet, we are still waiting,” the PNL leaders pointed out.

He revealed that no option had been taken into account yet to replace Catalin Predoiu at the helm of the PNL Bucharest branch. Asked if Adriana Saftoiu could be an option, he said that they couldn’t assess for now who could be an option or not.

The leaders of PNL Bucharest organizations and candidates in local elections met on Wednesday to review the results and a wider meeting in the National Political Bureau is to be held later on in the day.

The National Liberal Party ranked third in Bucharest race for city hall and district hall, as well as for the local councilors position.

Catalin Predoiu, ranking third in the race for the Bucharest mayor seat, at a considerable distance from the second ranked Nicusor Dan (USB), announced he had given up the leader position of PNL Bucharest.

In the conference held after the exit polls on Sunday, Predoiu admitted that the result proved that “a coalition of the right would have prevented Gabriela Firea from wining the mayor seat, and would have made Nicusor Dan the mayor,” considering he refused to withdraw from the electoral competition and let Dan race. Liberals and Predoiu claimed they would gather 25% but the partial results proved he had obtained around half of this figure.

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