Florin Citu, the new PNL chairman. Ex-chair Ludovic Orban resigns as Chamber speaker

Florin Citu is the new chairman of the National Liberal Party, after winning the top seat at the party Congress on Saturday with 2,878 ballots cast for him. The former chairman Ludovic Orban obtained 1,898 votes.


“This vote honors and makes me responsible. At the same time, I must be honest and say that the vote doesn’t surprise me, because the ‘winning team’ is the only solution for the PNL. I will promise you I will be the chairman of all Liberals, regardless of how you voted. Starting today, we’re a united party and we will use our resources against our political adversary – the PSD [Social Democrat Party]. You should know this wasn’t only a campaign, it was a movement, a movement that starts with PNL, a movement which will change Romania for the better. Thank you all and together we build Liberal Romania,” said Citu.

Citu was openly endorsed by President Klaus Iohannis, who voiced support for him both before the congress and also during the congress.

During his speech at the PNL congress, President Iohannis underlined that it’s mandatory for the current government crisis to be overcome, adding that governing must continue as there is no reason for Prime Minister Florin Citu to resign or be dismissed.

“It’s imperative we overcome the current crisis as soon as possible. This government must continue, as there is no real reason for the Prime Minister to be dismissed or resign, moreover as the Prime Minister and Liberal Ministers are attacked from all sides, the entirety of the PNL [National Liberal Party] should have proven solidarity and supported them with all their forces,” Iohannis told the Liberal delegate members attending the Congress.


He stressed that “sabotage from within the party” is not understandable.

“Not only must the PNL remain in Government, but I believe that Romania can have a decade of right-wing government. In order for this to be possible there is need for actions, for concrete activities that prompt tangible benefits for citizens, not only speeches and promises. We have the necessary instruments, we have the suitable plans, we have the funds to allow us to apply them. Let us have the wisdom, and maturity to sit at the same table again, the table of discussions for solutions for Romania! “ the Romanian head of stae said.

He resumed the call on the parties in the ruling coalition to have responsibility and maturity, also warning “all parliamentary parties, [that] we risk definitively losing the trust of the voters”.” It would be extremely serious, because, when people are disappointed by those who represent them, there is a divide created between the electors and the elected, impossible to fill.”

President Klaus Iohannis pointed out that the priorities of governing remain the same.

Romanians want investments in healthcare and infrastructure, Romanians want the elimination of bureaucracy and digitization, Romanians want higher income and support for vulnerable categories. Romanians want a better education for their children, Romanians want to fulfill their European dream, of a prosperous way of life in a free and democratic society. Romania, like many other European states, is currently facing acute challenges, multiple crises overlapping. In order to better manage them, there is need for an efficient government,” the head of state stated.

Ludovic Orban loses PNL top seat, also steps down as speaker of Chamber of Deputies

After being defeated by Florin Citu, the former chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, announced that his resignation from the position of Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies will be on Monday on the table of the new chairman of the Liberals’, Florin Citu.

Orban also stated that his partnership with President Iohannis had ended. “I think I did my part of the job in the relation with President Iohannis and things are as clear as possible. Of course, if he wants a partnership he can have it with the new PNL chairman elect“, Orban said.

“My resignation as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies will be on Monday on the table of the elected chairman, Florin Citu,” announced Ludovic Orban, after the announcement of the results of the PNL congress.

Ludovic Orban said that he is submitting to Florin Cîțu his resignation from the position of president of the Chamber of Deputies, explaining that he does not submit his resignation to the secretariat of the Chamber because, if he did, elections would be organized immediately for this position and there would be a risk that PNL would lose this position and someone from PSD would be elected.

Parliamentary sources told HotNews.ro that the new PNL leadership will not immediately initiate negotiations with the other political parties for the Chamber top seat, but it will wait for the internal elections in USR PLUS to to be concluded. “In the first instance, Florin Roman could take over the interim position, from the position of vice-president of the Chamber. We will decide today,” the quoted sources explained.

There are many candidates in PNL wanting this position, such as Robert Sighiartău, Florin Roman, Gigel Știrbu and Raluca Turcan.

Negotiations to support a new Speaker of the House are expected to be tough because all parliamentary party leaders covet this seat. In the first instance, there will be a tough negotiation in the Coalition because both Kelemen Hunor and Dan Barna would like this position.

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