Foreign policy committees Ok Dan Mihalache for the ambassador office in London

Other five Romanian ambassadors get the committees’ green light.


The head of the Presidential Administration Dan Mihalache on Monday got the green light of the Parliament’s joint foreign policy committees for the ambassador office to UK. He was Okayed with 22 votes against three. Mihalache stated that his appointment “is not like a vacation, but a quite big challenge.”

It’s a great challenge, it’s a difficult position, very complicated in the upcoming period considering the evolutions in the UK. It’s not like a vacation, but on the contrary, it’s a very big challenge,” Mihalache said after the committee’s vote.

At the same time, he underlines that he stays attached “to the president Klaus Iohannis’ project”, that he took this decision together with the President and that he has nothing to reproach to himself regarding his term with the Presidential Administration.

Dan Mihalache stressed during the hearing that Romania is facing an image issue in Great Britain and that a communication strategy is needed, but it won’t be enough to solve the problem.

He told the MPs that his term in London will focus on three directions: to fathom the economic component of the Strategic partnership, the Romanian Diaspora in the UK and the stance on the Brexit referendum.

The future ambassador in London explained that the political dimension of the Strategic Partnership is working ‘excellent’, as well as the military and intelligence parts. Mihalache stated that the economic dimension of the partnership can be updated during his term, also reminding that the bilateral commercial exchanges increased last year.

In his view, the Romanians community living in the UK is extremely important. According to him, 170,000 Romanians are registered as living in the UK, but their number is actually higher. He argued that after January 2014, the migration flows headed from Italy and Spain to Great Britain.

The presidential aide pledged to improve the consular services during his ambassador office, particularly through operationalizing the Consulate in Manchester in order to lift the pressure from the consular service of the embassy in London. He asked for the Foreign Ministry’s support in this respect.

Mihalache further said that the third important part of his term will be the stance to “the most controversial event in the United Kingdom”, meaning the Brexit referendum. “It’s hard to make assessments, we’ll live an interesting age,” he pointed out.

Dan Mihalache was also adviser of former premier Adrian Nastase and of ex-PNL president Crin Antonescu. He was in charge of the strategy department during Iohannis’ presidential campaign, mainly dealing with opinion polls, market research and political messages.

Also on Monday, the parliamentary foreign policy committees Okayed other five ambassador proposals. Gabriela Dancău, Carmen Burlacu, Ioana Bivolaru, Răzvan Rotundu and Mariana Cămărășan have the green light to repesent Romania to Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Finland and Estonia.

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