Former District 5 Mayor, Vanghelie, charges: Several Supreme Court judges went to Coldea’s home on June 19

Former District 5 Mayor, Marian Vanghelie, has said on Sunday that several Supreme Court judges paid a visit, on June 19, at the home of former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) deputy Director, Florian Coldea, to discuss about some files, including the one concerning PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea. The statement was made for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

Vanghelie claims that the judges met Florian Coldea to discuss over several files, including Dragnea’s.

“They went to Coldea’s home. I expect them to sue me so I can speak out about many other things, but nobody sues me. I understand that Mr. Bulancea (DNA prosecutor – our note) wants to show off, he believes he would be Kovesi’s successor. He phones judges and tells them that they’d better get the files I am involved in and to judge me faster, to sentence me. I have information that it is not only about my file he is interested in. They are interested in many other files. Such as Mr Dragnea’s and others,” Vanghelie said for Antena 3 TV.

Vanghelie lashes at Dragnea

Marian Vanghelie has launched a tough attack on Liviu Dragnea, saying he ‘can’t handle the position he has’ and that ‘he could have made some decisions and assume responsibility’.

“Mr. Dragnea does not handle the position he has. If he did, he could have harmonized the local legislation with the European one and with the Constitutional Court decisions. Now, finding that what Coldea promised him has not happened, he is trying to tell us he is not afraid, but he has a cat’s voice. Why didn’t he say about Coldea and Mrs. Kovesi? It’s because he has negotiated with him and he is ashamed. (…) Everything happening to him it’s because of the poor organisation he promoted, of the governments he proposed, of the Parliament and of the party. These were his decisions. In the Romanian Government not even a secretary can be employed without his consent. He failed to make decisions when he should have,” Vanghelie said, reports.




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