Former PM Dacian Ciolos denies meeting former SRI deputy Florian Coldea in Vienna, blames pro-PSD press

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has denied he has met former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) deputy Director Florian Coldea in Vienna, following information released by local press in Cluj-Napoca.

“We risk becoming captive spectators of an ugly world, full of desperate lies from those who govern us. It is a world in which scandal, obscenity and callousness try to cover up corruption, nepotism and the incapacity of governance. I’ve got used to the aberrations said about me and my activity. I’ve found out that Soros is allegedly my father, that I am a ferocious nationalist, member of a party I have never joined and that occult powers in Brussels tell me what to do. Recently, I’ve been blessed by the pro-PSD press with the gift of ubiquity. I’ve had occult meetings with Florian Coldea in Vienna. In December, Vienna is a pleasant place to visit, it’s only that I haven’t been in Vienna for about four years. I haven’t seen Mr. Coldea since 2016, I believe, when we met in an official context, for a public event,” Ciolos wrote on his Facebook page on Monday.

The former PM accuses some journalists of releasing information without checking it. “But what does it matter, the truth and good sense? A quasi-anonymous publication wrote I met Coldea – then that must be the truth,” he added.

A local newspaper in Cluj Napoca has released the information that Dacian Ciolos, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (former PM and former SIE chief) and Florian Coldea have had a meeting in a restaurant in Vienna.

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