Former USR head Nicusor Dan returns in the party as member to save alliance with PLUS

Nicușor Dan has re-enrolled in the Save Romania Union (USR) as a legal solution to legally countersign the protocol of USR-PLUS Alliance, after the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) has rejected the registration of the alliance for the European elections.

BEC argued that Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos would not appear as the two parties’ chairmen in the register of the political parties.

No matter what I think of this alliance, as  long as it represents an electoral option for a part of the voters, I will do my best that the Alliance gets on the ballots so that people can make the choice they want. This is democracy”, Nicusor Dan told

A  day ago, the former chairman of USR announced he had found a solution to help USR-PLUS Alliance with this legal, issue, yet mentioning he will resign from USR as soon as the problem is solved.

We had to find a solution so that some people could vote an alliance that cannot run in the elections. The only solution was for me to countersign. And to countersign I had to be a member. I signed as a party member and president in the parties’ register. After the formalities of registration are over I will return to my initial position, of independence,” Dan explained.

In a previous post, he said that he had left USR by resignation in June 2017 and those who challenged the USR Congress of October 2017 did not know this would have an impact now.

At the same time, USR-PLUS Alliance will challenge the BEC decision to the High Court of Cassation and Justice today.

PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated in Arad today that the legal experts of USR and PLUS are working to finalise the complaint.

We hope the appeal is judged tomorrow (Saturday). We are coming with all the arguments, including with new elements. We hope to win for we believe that the legitimacy of some party chairmen is first given by the fact they have been elected by statute and that statute is legal, registered in Court at the same time as the political party is registered in court. Me, as a party chairman, I sign documents and papers in the name of the party since I have been elected within PLUS National Convention and these papers are considered legal,” Ciolos explained, adding that BEC’s „aberrant” decision has led to misinterpreting laws.

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