Four Romanians asked to be evacuated from Niger, to be taken by a French plane

The representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Algiers, which provides diplomatic and consular representation in the relationship with the Republic of Niger, have taken urgent steps to identify Romanian citizens on the territory of this state. Thus, at this moment, in the records of the Romanian Embassy in Algiers, there are four Romanian citizens who have announced their presence on the territory of the Republic of Niger and who have requested support in order to evacuate, reports the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

“The diplomatic mission is in permanent contact with the Romanian citizens and, with the support of the Romanian Embassy in Paris, assurances were obtained that the four Romanian citizens will be picked up and transported to Paris, during this day, with one of the evacuation flights organized by the French authorities. Also, other diplomatic-consular approaches are being carried out to identify alternative transport solutions”, says the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, the MAE states that, according to the data available at the level of the Romanian Embassy in Algiers, there are, at the moment, twenty other Romanian citizens on the territory of the Republic of Niger who are working within the EUCAP Sahel Niger missions (European Union Capacity Building Mission Sahel Niger) and EUMPM Niger (EU Military Partnership Mission Niger). The evacuation procedures of the Romanian citizens assigned to the two previously mentioned missions are managed by each mission separately.

France and Italy are evacuating European citizens from Niger 

Military planes carrying hundreds of Europeans evacuated from Niger landed in Paris and Rome on Wednesday as France and Italy evacuate their citizens from the West African country after last week’s coup.

Among those who arrived in Rome are 21 American citizens, some of whom were part of an evangelical Christian group in Texas, according to the Italian Foreign Ministry.

A military junta overthrew Niger’s democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum and his government on July 26, in the seventh military takeover in less than three years in Central and West Africa. Faced with the risk of the conflict escalating, France, the former colonial power there, Italy and Spain said they would evacuate citizens by air.

The first two French flights left Niger late on Tuesday and landed in Paris early Wednesday morning with more than 350 French people on board as well as citizens of several other nations, the Foreign Ministry in Paris said.

An Italian military flight carrying 87 evacuees from Niger arrived in Rome early Wednesday morning, according to Reuters journalists at the airport, where they were met by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

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