French President Emmanuel Macron praises President Iohannis: A head of state who does not leave the country get out of hand

In a context of a more fragile democracy in Europe, by illiberal regimes that would like magistrates to no longer be politically independent, Klaus Iohannis is a positive example because he does not leave his country get out of hand, French President Emmanuel Macron, said in an interview.

In the Sunday evening interview with French television BFM-TV, the President of France talked about Europe’s vulnerable geopolitical context nowadays, where populist politicians take advantage of people’s fatigue to establish power regimes where democracy does not make the rules.

“The so-called illiberal democracies are on the rise in Europe. I see in Europe democracies of which people are getting tired. They are told that there can be no reforms, they remain attached to things. These are democracies which get accustomed to weakness, injustice and inequality, with anger. They transform the populism that denounces them into a moral one, but it does not attack the causes. On the other side there are the illiberal democracies, which say: Those people are weak, let’s not observe democracy, let’s get rid of the independence of magistrates. Poland, Hungary, some in Romania – and I salute the work of the Romanian President who does not leave his country get out of hand … These trends are on the rise all over Europe,” The French President said.

Some local analysts say that the Romanian head of state thus receives, ahead of the week he is supposed to make a decision on the dismissal of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, an important foreign support, reports.

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