German MP Krichbaum claims intentional blocking of Diaspora vote

Polling stations abroad got instructions to prevent Romanians from voting for the Right wing candidates in the Sunday’s presidential elections, Gunther Krichbaum, German MP and President of the Commission for European Affairs at the Bundestag wrote in a letter to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The German top MP also urged the newly appointed EC head to touch Romanian government about ensuring better voting conditions in the run-off election on November 16.

The German politician claims “polling booths, ballot boxes and stamps” have missed in some polling stations and thousands of Romanian voters were compelled to wait to cast their votes for hours, adding that he personally witnessed these problems at Stuttgart’s polling station.

Krichbaum notes that any observer of the Romania’s political situation can see that “there were no mere accidental inconvenience, but an intentional action of hindering the votes, as it is a well known fact and confirmed by the previous elections that Romanians living abroad tend to mostly vote for the center-right wing parties and candidates”. “So, polling stations subordinated to the Social Democrat Romanian Government have received clear indications from Bucharest to block the votes favoring the center-right candidates. This is not acceptable for a EU member state and the European Commission has to condemn the situation”, the German MP points out.

More than 100 Romanians protested again in Paris on Monday evening against prevention to cast their votes in the Sunday’s ballot. The protesters were flying flags and chanting “Justice and honor overridden!” “Don’t forget about Constitution!”, “We have the right to vote!” French authorities have approved the meeting, only not in front but near the Romanian Embassy to France.


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