Government Adopts Ordinance for Merging Elections. Last minute change to the party switching

The government has adopted the draft emergency ordinance regarding the organization of European parliamentary elections and local elections on June 9, 2024.

The government shortened the period of political transfers between parties by emergency ordinance. If in the initial version of the draft law the local elected officials could have switched to another party even after the June 9 elections, in a last-minute amendment this is no longer possible.

Thus, mayors, presidents of County Councils, local or county councilors who are elected on June 9 can receive their mandate at the end of September only if on that date they are part of the party under whose logo they are a candidate.
The changes were operated after the PNL opposed the initial form in which the normative act was put to public debate. However, the government has made an exception to the rule that sanctions political trolling. The mayors, presidents of local councils, local and county councilors who won the mandate in 2020 under the logo of a party, can carry it out until the end of September, even if they choose to represent another party in the June 9 elections .

Before the government meeting, a meeting of the leaders of the governing coalition regarding the organization of the elections took place at the Victoria Palace. In the coalition, it had been initially decided to reformulate the articles of the Ordinance, so that mayors in office who wish to run for local elections for another party can do so without losing their mandate, according to some political sources.

In addition, at the time of the validation of the new mandate, the mayor will take over his mandate under the condition of confirming his membership of the party on whose lists he was a candidate, it is also stated in the new form of the Ordinance.

On February 29, the Ministry of Internal Affairs made publicly available a draft emergency ordinance regarding the measures envisaged for the organization and conduct of elections for members from Romania in the European Parliament and elections for local public administration authorities.

Through the draft GEO, it is proposed that the European parliamentary and local elections take place on the same day, Sunday, June 9, 2024. At the same time, it is proposed that the electoral period begin on March 12 and end within 3 days of publication the results of the elections in the Official Monitor of Romania.

According to the draft, in the elections of June 9, a person can run for the European Parliament, as well as for the position of local councilor, county councilor, mayor or president of the County Council, at the same time, under the conditions provided by the Law no. 115/2015, with subsequent amendments and additions.

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