Gov’t adopted the budget for 2022. PM: No tax rises, the investment budget is RON 88.8 bln

“We will not increase taxes and we will not put pressure on the business environment,” Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Monday at the beginning of the government meeting that adopted the 2022 budget. According to the next year’s budget, there will be a 4.6% economic growth, GDP of 1,317.3 billion lei in 2022, average annual inflation of 6.5% and a gross average salary earnings of RON 6,095 per month.


The prime minister said the budget includes the largest allocation for investments in the last 32 years: 88.8 billion lei, double the amount of investments made in Romania in 2019 and presented some examples of priority investments in highways and roads.

“We have on the table of the Government meeting the budget that includes the largest allocation for investments in the last 32 years. The funds amount to approximately 88.8 billion lei and represent double the amount of investments made in Romania in 2019,” Prime Minister Nicolae said on Monday Ciuca.

He announced some of the investments that will receive funding next year:

– Sibiu-Pitești highway

– Lugoj-Deva motorway

– the Nădășelu-Suplacu de Barcău-Borș highway, including the Oradea ring road

– A3 motorway

– Câmpia Turzii – Ogra-Târgu Mureș highway

– Bucharest South Beltway motorway, including interventions on the existing ring road

– North Beltway highway of Bucharest Municipality

– the Craiova-Pitești express road

– the Brăila-Galați express road

– the post suspended over the Danube in the Brăila area

– Ploiești-Buzău highway

Labour Ministry’s budget up by 6,7%

According to the Prime Minister, in order to protect the income of the population, especially those with low incomes or vulnerable groups, a package of social measures has been established to be enforced from January 2022: increase of child allowances, allowances for people with disabilities, increase of pensions and providing social assistance for retirees. “The approval of the budget means that these measures will be applied starting with January 1, 2022. The Ministry of Labor will have a budget 6.7% higher than the current year,” Ciuca said.

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