Gov’t adopts the 3 bills on justice, transport and budget ceiling for which it will take responsibility in Parliament

The Head of PM’s Chancellery, Ionel Danca, has announced that the Government had adopted in its Tuesday sitting the three draft laws for which it is to take responsibility in Parliament, namely the amendment of the justice laws, of thee GEO 51 on pupils’ transport and to pass the Ceiling Law.

The amendment of the justice laws eyes to delay the early retirement of magistrates, to push the seniority to join the National Institute of Magistracy and to amend the situation related to the three-judge panels. “Considering the serious disruptions to take place in the act of justice the Government will take responsibility on these aspects in Parliament”, Danca said.

He mentioned the other bill is related to provide inter-county transport to solve the issue of the pupils living in the villages who have no means to get to school.

More precisely, the bill will enable the current transport operators who have transport license to take over pupils and old people or disabled.

As for the Ceiling Law, Danca said the adoption of this bill is vital in order to have the 2020 budget draft law adopted by the  end of the year. “It is a bill based on which the local authorities can draft their own budgets and kick off the investment projects”, thee Gov’t representative said.

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