Gov’t negotiations: PNL will have the PM for the coming one year and a half. PSD will have 9 ministries, including the Finances and Transports

PNL will have the prime minister for the next year and a half in the PNL-PSD-UDMR Government, announced the PSD spokesman Radu Oprea, following the meeting of the party leadership. Thus, the three parties will go to Cotroceni with the proposal of Nicolae Ciucă, the first prime minister in the rotation system with PSD. The party led by Marcel Ciolacu will have 9 ministries, among which Finance, Defense, Transport, and the position of Secretary General of the Government, assimilated to that of Minister, PNL will have 8 portfolios, and UDMR – 3.

The PSD leadership voted unanimously on Monday, in the National Council, for the structure of the Government, with 20 ministries, compared to 18 now, plus the position of general secretary assimilated to the minister, and with PNL prime minister for the first rotation of a year and a half.

At the end of the meeting, PSD senator Radu Oprea announced the structure of the PNL-PSD-UDMR Government.

PM: Nicolae Ciuca, deputy PMs: Sorin Grindeanu and Kelemen Hunor.

PSD will have 9 ministries, plus the Secretary General of the Gov’t (Marian Neacsu), according to

  • Finances Ministry -Adrian Caciu
  • Defence Ministry- Vasile Dîncu
  • Economy Ministry – Marius Humelnicu
  • Transports Ministry -Sorin Grindeanu
  • Agriculture Ministry – Adrian Chesnoiu
  • Health Ministry -Alexandru Rafila
  • Labour Ministry -Marius Budai
  • Culture Ministry- Lucian Romașcanu
  • Youth and Family Ministry (newly established)- Gabriela Firea
UDMR preserves their existing ministries
  • Development – Cseke Attila
  • Environment- Tanczos Barna
  • Sports- Eduard Novak
PNL will have 8 ministries:
  • Justice Ministry -Catalin Predoiu
  • Interior Ministry – Lucian Bode
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry- Bogdan Aurescu
  • Investment and EU projects Ministry- Dan Vilceanu
  • Energy Ministry – Virgil Popescu
  • Education Ministry -Sorin Cimpeanu
  • Digitalization Ministry – Florin Roman
  • Tourism and SMEs Ministry -Daniel Cadariu
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