Gov’t to take responsibility on two packages of laws

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has announced on Friday that the Government will take responsibility before Parliament for tow packages of law. The first is related to the extension of some deadlines in the justice laws, the law on budgetary ceilings and repeal of GEO 51, to allow the settlement of the pupils’ transport. The second package envisages the repeal of certain provisions of GEO 114, also known as “the ordinance of greed”.

“We’ll be taking responsibility before Parliament for two packages of laws. The first responsibility taking is for a bill that will include amendments in two fields and the law on budgetary ceilings. (…) The first will be to extend the time frames of the early retirement of magistrates, the bill on the transition from two-judge to three-judge panels and the one on  extending the deadline of increasing the seniority required to join the judiciary from two to four years. We’ll repeal these provisions next year, so that they will no longer exist, they will not put us in a position to extend the deadline at the end of the year,” said PM Orban.

He added that the Ordinance No.51/2019 will also be repealed, in order to allow the reimbursement of commuting to and from school.

“The bill for which we will take responsibility first also includes a bill on budgetary ceilings, which is necessary  o pass the 2020 draft budget (…) I will summon a gov’t siting on Tuesday so that we can kick off the responsibility taking procedure on Tuesday,” the premier stated.

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