Hearings in the Senate on August 10 violent protest cancelled

Social Democrat senators from the Defence committee have cancelled the hearings scheduled today in the file of the riot police’s violent intervention during the Diaspora rally on August 10. Today, Bucharest prefect Speranta Cliseru and Interior minister Carmen Dan had to be heard. The committee has Okayed the cancellation proposal, made by PSD senator Serban Nicolae, following the lack of quorum.

In retort, the committee chairman, Liberal Marcel Vela, accused the ruling coalition of blocking the hearings on this topic. According to Vela, the Social Democrats used „a red herring” to call off the hearings, for fear of what the Bucharest prefect might have said.

The PSD MPs have feared to hear things from Speranta Cliseru’s mouth (…) and they have found the option to run away, meaning to leave the sitting, for the prefect has said in her last public statement that Carmen Dan and Liviu Dragnea are lying”, the Liberal committee chairman argued, adding that „the Interior ministry’s report on the August 10 protest contains a lot of discords, a lot of conflicting facts”.

Speranta Cliseru was expected for hearings at 13:00hr, Laurentiu Cazan, the gendarmes’ coordinator after the prefect and Interior minister Carmen Dan at 14:30hr.

However, Bucharest prefect has not been announced about the sitting is cancelled, so she arrived at the parliament as scheduled, where she has found out she had come for nothing.

It is not known yet if the sitting will be rescheduled.

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