Hearings of ministers in the Orban Cabinet II kick off today

The ministers proposed to be part of the second Orban Cabinet will be heard in the special committees of the Parliament on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday the following proposed ministers are scheduled for hearings: Florin Citu – Finances (12:00hrs), Costel Alexe – Environment (13:00hrs), Nicolae Ciuca – Defence (14:00hrs) and Marcel Vela – Home Affairs (15:00hrs).

On Tuesday the following proposed ministers are expected for hearings: Virgil Popescu – Economy, Energy and Business Environment (09:00hrs), Ion Ştefan – Development (10:00hrs), Ionuţ Stroe – Youth & Sports (12:00hrs), Cătălin Predoiu – Justice (13:00hrs), Monica Anisie – Education (14:00hrs), Bogdan Aurescu – Foreign Affairs (15:00hrs) and Bogdan Gheorghiu – Culture (16:00hrs).

The rest of the proposed ministers are supposed to be heard on Wednesday: Adrian Oros – Agriculture (09:00hrs), Victor Costache – Health (10:00hrs), Marcel Boloş – European Funds (12:00hrs), Violeta Alexandru – Labour (13:00hrs) and Lucian Bode – Transports (15:00hrs).

PM-designate Ludovic Orban told ministers during the government sitting last week to “be up with” the hearings in the special committees.

“I want to be up with the hearings, we have three months of mandate when we repaired many of the damages caused by the PSD malicious governments during the past three years. We have a strong case before the committees, you should care less about the vote itself, for we are not going to be judged by the MPs born out of Dragnea’s pen, from PSD or other parties. Hearings will be public, so it’s important to show very clearly what those before us have done, how we repaired what we could repair and, particularly, which is our vision and solutions to solve every problem,” Ludovic Orban stated.

On the other hand, sources quoted by Digi24 revealed the PM designate would have told the ministers in the National Liberal Party’s Executive Bureau meeting that he will not attend hearings in the committees as he did it at the first investiture of his Cabinet. “You don’t need a nanny aymore“, Orban would have told ministers, also warning them that they will be “targets” for PSD, but also for “their future ruling partners from USR”.

The first minister to get a favorable opinion, two rejected

The first minister in the Orban Cabinet II who got a favorable opinion by the joint special committees was Defence minister Nicolae Ciuca. 12 MPs voted for Ciuca, three against, while PSD abstained from voting.

Florin Cîțu,proposed for the Finance portfolio again, has got a negative opinion. 18 lawmakers voted in favor, while other 18 against.

The minister proposed  for Environment, Costel Alexe, was also rejected by the special committees.

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