Higher runoff turnout: 62,04 pc compared to 48,89 pc in the first round

Unexpected turnout in the runoff at national level but also in Diaspora. Romanians were eager to elect their new head of state.

Nationwide, almost 11 million voters, representing 62,04 per cent of people enlisted on the electoral rolls, went to vote until 7 p.m., according to updated preliminary data regarding the turnout centralized by the Central Electoral Office.

In the first round of the presidential elections the turnout was 48,89 per cent. The polling stations for the runoff this year were opened on at 7 a.m., having been expected to vote a number of 18,281,625 voters. According to recent data quoted by Mediafax, 10,721,305 voters went to the polling stations by 7 p.m.

The higher presence is registered in Bucharest (65,53 per cent), Ilfov (over 79 per cent), Olt, Cluj (over 64 per cent), Sibiu (over 66 per cent), Dâmbovi?a, Prahova, Vâlcea (over 62 per cent); while the lowest turnout was recorded in Harghita County – 44,21 per cent and Covasna County – 46,43 per cent.

Compared to the runoff of the presidential elections in 2009, the turnout percentages were approximately similar, five years ago 53,51 per cent of voters having had expressed their voting option by 7 p.m.

Basescu: “With this vote I get rid of a weight on my back. I voted against a discretionary system”

President Traian Basescu went to vote on Sunday morning at 10.30, having stated after expressing his option that he took a weight off his shoulders with this vote. “I voted against the setting of a discretionary regime,” he said. The president again made an appeal to Romanians who are being in the dust to go to vote, whether they live in the country or abroad.

Nevertheless, Vice-premier Gabriel Oprea, the minister of Transports Ioan Rus and Vice-premier Liviu Dragnea were among the first politicians to show up to voting on Sunday. Also, the mayor of Constanta, Radu Maz?re, went to vote accompagnied by his mother and stated that if „the system built by B?sescu, a system based on hate” is not changing, he will leave politics.

PSD MP Mircea Geoan? said he voted with the faith that, starting on Monday, Romanians will end “an unhappy experiment” called political cohabitation, but also a political regime which has been one of the most “aggressive and noxious” Romania has ever had.

PDL First Vice-president Catalin Predoiu stated, after having expressed his electoral option at the Economic College Virgil Madgearu in Bucharest, that he voted “with the hope for a normal Romania, with faith in victory” and “for putting an end to the lie”.

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