Hollande: Romania is ready to take “some pledges” on Schengen issue

Klaus Iohannis asked for France’s support on Schengen and Romanians living in France topics on Tuesday, during his official visit to Paris. “I asked for France’s support for Schengen accession. I expressed hope that a decision should be concluded as soon as possible,” Iohannis said during a joint press conference with the French President, Francois Hollande.

The Romanian President also tackled Roma topic. “Another important aspect is the one of Romania’s and Romanians’ living in France image. We are confident that isolated facts cannot have a long-term negative effect on a long collaboration history,” Iohannis said, adding he asked his French counterpart’s support in fighting any speech that would mark down a solid relationship to stereotypes. At the same time, Iohannis rekindled his invitation for Hollande to pay a visit to Romania.

In his turn, Francois Hollande said that Romania is ready to assume some commitments in Schengen matter. “Romania is ready to take some pledges(…) I want that during the Thursday’s European Council meeting we should coordinate our actions regarding border controls, so that we can check up all exits and entries in Europe better,” Hollande said, explaining that prevention is needed related to some “fighters” exits abroad.

As far as Roma topic is concerned, the French President reminded that “there is a close police cooperation for some time” between Romania and France, and this mobilization would go on.

Hollande also informed that France would mark Romania’s centenary in 2018.

“It is important to have Mr. President Iohannis here, he is unity exponent for Romania right now,” the French president concluded.


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