How have the political parties responded to the pact proposed by PM Dancila?

PM Viorica Dăncilă has proposed a pact to all political parties in Romania this weekend, asking them to commit to fighting for the citizens’ welfare and to vow to not cut pensions and salaries. The pact draft has been also sent to all social partners, trade unions and employer associations.

We have all seen lately numerous proposals for pacts and agreements. Parties and candidates are talking on how to play the political game, are fighting, negotiation and are pathetically failing before the Romanians. None of these initiatives have any impact and effect on people. None of them have been designed for the interests of citizens, no measures have led to an increase of the standard of living or to any trace of day-to-day progress. I propose today, the only pact for citizens, the one of the Romanians’ welfare. For today Romania has the second economic growth in Europe. Salaries and pensions have increased by an unprecedented pace. The minimum salary has increased, the wages of doctors and teachers are also up, like wise the salaries in the construction sector. The pension point has risen by 15% as of September 1,” PM Dancila said in Facebook post.

I wait for all those who come and ask for votes to prove their courage and assume that, after coming to power, the continue these supportive measures and Romanians should never be sacrificed again”, she added.

President Klaus Iohannis has retorted that, generally speaking, the idea of a pact is good, but what the premier is proposing is just electoral promises. “We read them and move forward,” the head of state mentioned.

You see, we are now basically in an electoral campaign, even if, we formally are in the pre-electoral campaign and all the competitors are trying to present attractive approaches and topics for the voters. So far, nothing wrong. However, we have to understand that what is being done now with this pact, and others have tried to come up with all sort of pact documents, are electoral actions. We read them and move forward. But the idea of a cross-party agreement, the idea of a pact is good if it comes after a validation, and I have come before the nation twice with such a document,” Klaus Iohannis stated, reminding about the pact on Defence and the referendum on Justice.

The Liberals have mocked the pact proposed by the prime minister, with the PNL first vice-president Raluca Turcan saying that Viorica Dancila should be the one to come for a vote in parliament, but also amongst people, “where she will get a scathing answer, namely to go home”.

“After three years of draining Romania, is the premier proposing us a pact for welfare? They have already signed a pact for the welfare of their political clientele, of their connections. No action taken by the Dancila gov’t has aimed the Romanians’ welfare. They have only targeted an electoral profit, to split the money among their clientele. That’s it“, Turcan posted on Facebook.

The two leader of USR-PLUS Alliance, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos, have also retorted on PM’s proposal ro sign a pact for the Romanians’ welfare. “USR-PLUS Alliance is committed not to cut pensions and salaries” Barna said, while Ciolos added “PSD has made a habit of winning votes by inducing various fears among Romanians“.

“Only if you and PSD sign the pact for early elections and resign from the PM office, we consider we cand talk about such a pact”, Dan Barna pointed out.

Moreover, Dacian Ciolos has accused that PSD is the one who had got Romania into debt for the payment of pensions and salaries.

The leader of PMP, Eugen Tomac has also denied the pact, arguing the only agreement PMP could “wholeheartedly” join would be one referring to the incumbent Government’s departure. “PSD has reached its limits and a party that cannot respond to the citizens’ needs must go in Opposition”, Tomac argued.

The PMP  leader has also slammed the fact he had received the mail proposing the pact from an email of Liviu Dragnea’s Office, arguing it is a proof that PM Viorica Dancila is the puppet of the former PSD chairman.

Pro Romania’s leader Victor Ponta said on the other hand they will sign the pact.

“I received from Mrs Viorica Dancila the proposal for sign the National Pact for the Romanians’ Welfare. Although the email appears as sent by Liviu Dragnea’s Office, I have taken it very seriously for the topic is a very serious one! I will propose my colleagues to sign the document and to endorse the Pact”, Ponta posted on Facebook.

In his turn, PSD’s former ruling party, ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu commented that the pact “is a political move”.

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