Hungarian FM talks about peace in front of a map of Greater Hungary, which also had pieces of Romania and Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, addressed an event organized in Budapest about the desire of the whole world, less NATO, to end the war in Ukraine, with a map of Great Hungary in the background, which included territories belonging today to Ukraine and Romania.

“Outside the transatlantic bubble (NATO, military organization of which Hungary is a part – n.r.), the overwhelming majority has the pro-peace position that we also represent. As long as this global majority exists, there is hope that this war can be ended as soon as possible and a peace agreement will be reached to guarantee peace and security in this region in the long term,” Peter Szijjarto told the conference on Monday “Peace and Security”, organized at the Palace of Culture in Budapest, from where he also posted some photos on his Facebook account.

In the photos posted by both the Hungarian official and other participants of the event, it can be seen that on the stage, on two large screens placed behind the speakers, the map of Great Hungary was displayed, superimposed on that of present-day Hungary, observes the Hungarian publication Telex. huh.

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