Hungarian PM posts controversial photo on Facebook with ex-Great Hungary’s map including Transylvania

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has posted a photo with the Great Hungary’s map, which also included Transylvania. The photo has been posted as Hungarian students are taking History exams these days.

56. Graduates make history. Come on // 56. My historical ex. Good luck!”, reads the Hungarian PM’s post accompanying the photo.

Viktor Orban’s post comes one week after the Bucharest-Budapest row on the Szeklerland’s autonomy bill debated in the Romanian Parliament. The draft law was rejected by the Senate after having been tacitly adopted by the Chamber of Deputies. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis took a harsh stance on it, accusing PSD of intending ” to give Transylvania to Hungarians”.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in retort that he had never heard such statements in Romania, not even “in the most tumultuous anti-democratic times“.

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