IMAS poll: PSD loses 3pct, down to 20.8%. Where do PNL and USR-PLUS stand?

PSD is losing almost 3 percents, climbing down to 20.8%, according to the latest IMAS poll commissioned by Europa FM.

PNL would get 33.6%, while USR-PLUS  Alliance stands at 18.3%. Pro Romania is up to 10.6%, while PMP and ALDE would not get to the electoral threshold of 5%.

PSD used to have 23.4% in July, so it lost almost 3 percents. PSD also had a lower percentage (20.6%) in January, but it usually stood somewhere between 23% and 25%.

PNL is ranking first, stationary, while USR-PLUS Alliance is ranking third in the IMAS poll (18.3), slightly up as against July.

Pro Romania is up in August to 10.6% after it had climbed to 9.7% in July.

UDMR is stationary above the electoral threshold, up to 5.7%, after it had been credited with just 3.4% in June.

PMP would not enter in Parliament (4.1%), likewise ALDE, which is sharply falling (2.4%), to the the lowest score ever, considering that it was credited with 7.45 in August 2019.

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